Comics for January 29, 2020

Due to limited space, these comics were not able to be published in the physical copy of The Herald. Both comics were done by The Herald’s comic artist Jaiden Pense.

Image descriptions:

The first comic has a caption that reads: “*Mike Hatsune will be at Coachella this year.* The fans:”. Below it, there is a drawing of an overweight, ugly man wearing a twin-tail wig, who is meant to represent at least a small portion of Hatsune Miku fans.

The second comic is titled “ Ganp up your life with these favorites…”. Below the title are two products. The first product is a Water Bottle infused Rose Quartz for $105.99, with a description that reads “Quench your thirst by admiring the beauty of the Rose Quartz and lust over the fact you can’t have any of its trapped liquids.” The second product is titled “Custom Candle Flavors,” and the flavor in question is “This Smells Like Wet Dog.” The description reads “All the flavors of candle you can think of. From Wet Dog to Spoiled Milk. Satisfy all your needs.”

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