Payment Plan Changes In Response to Expected Financial Struggles

A-State students are no longer being charged late fees on their payment plans. Due to potential financial difficulties recognized by the university, students on payment plans were removed from those plans and re-enrolled into a plan with no late fees.

“If students have questions about the change to their payment plan, they can reach out to our office and we will be happy to help,” Danielle Childers, director of student financial services, said.

Payment dates and amounts will not change, but no late fees will be charged if payments are not made on time. Late fees would have been charged 5 days after a missed payment, and were $25 for a spring monthly plan and $12.50 for a spring semi-monthly plan.

The upcoming payment dates for the spring monthly payment plan are April 30 and May 8. The spring semi-monthly payments are the same, but with the addition of April 15.

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