Spooky Sites Around A-State

Keller’s Chapel is a local haunting legend. The passed-down story is that when someone knocks on the door, an apparition will knock back from inside the chapel. It is also said that when visitors turn off their vehicles to tour the chapel, the vehicle will not start again for several hours, trapping them to wander the chapel and graveyard.

The sign leading to Keller’s Chapel. According to stories of those that have gone to the chapel in search of a ghostly encounter, strange apparition’s move around the cemetery at night and the unexplained sounds of babies crying can be heard distantly.

The A&M College Arch is the center of the A-State campus. The spooky story of the arch is that students who walk underneath the arch will not graduate in four years.

Craighead Forest Park is no stranger to suspicious events and scary stories. Visitors of the park regularly claim to hear unexplained noises and a general eerie feeling at night.

Craighead Forest Lake, supposedly, has an dark secret. According to the tale, a group of teenagers rented a boat and went out on the water with too many people on board. The boat quickly sank and five of the teens drowned. It is said that one of the lost should is stuck in the lake and can occasionally be heard screaming for help.

The Foundation of Arts Forum has a story of its own. According to legend, there is a ghost haunting the stage. There are reported sightings and several people have states hearing mysterious noises.

Photos by: Hannah Risker | Photo Editor

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