Comic for November 18, 2020

Comic by Thinh Vu.

Image description: A comic with multiple sections and panels, titled “Things that I’ve never done before.”
Section one is titled “Getting on Zoom a lot more…” and depicts an Among Us character wearing headphones and sitting in front of a laptop. The Among Us character has a sticky note on their helmet that says “DUM”.
Section two is titled “Learning some cake recipe…” and shows two characters. The first, pointing to what looks like an iron, says, “Wait, this is a cake?” The second, holding a plate and a cake knife, says, “Always has been.”
Section three is titled “Social distancing become a thing…” and depicts three men in suits wearing masks and sunglasses in the background. In the foreground are two characters, one captioned “me just washed my hand” who is wearing a mask, and one captioned “a friend whom I haven’t met for a long time” who is not. The friend character is shaking hands and has an arm wrapped around the artist.
Section four is titled “And most importantly…Forgetting that 3 deadlines are due that day…” and depicts the artist laying in bed with an alarm clock next to them in the first panel. In the second panel, the artist sits up in bed, yelling “NOOOOO”. In the second panel, there is a closeup of their face, with more yelling.

The sections are all references to different memes. The first is a reference to popular game Among Us. The second is a reference to two memes: cakes that look like regular objects, and the “always has been” meme. The third is a reference to two memes: the Coffin Dance video (left) and the Michael Scott shaking hands meme. The fourth is a reference to a panel in “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,” a popular manga and anime.

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