Comic for January 26, 2022

Comic by Thinh Vu

Image description: The comic has three sections, each with two students talking to each other.
The top section has a student in a blue and green shirt talking to Opinion Editor Lily Cabibi-Wilkin, a student with brown hair and a green hoodie with a chubby Pikachu on it. The student says, “End the mandate! People should have freedom!!” Lily responds, “the mandate is to protect students, teachers and staff, and the fact that you ignore and disrespect it also means you don’t wanna protect them, cuz you’re only thinking of yourself.”
The middle section has the same student in the blue and green shirt talking to a student in a mauve shirt with long brown hair. The first student says, “You handle COVID the way you want to, let me handle COVID the way I want to.” The student in the mauve shirt replies, “But while you handle it inappropriately you can also affect people around you. This isn’t about you, it’s about protecting one another.”
The bottom section has a student in a bright pink jacket talking to a student with short hair in a pale blue shirt. The pink jacket student says, “We should have a choice! We got COVID vaccines and booster shots and masks and yet nothing is better!” The other student says, “Yes, wearing a mask won’t guarantee that you don’t get COVID. The same goes with wearing a seatbelt won’t guarantee you would survive a critical car accident. But still, much fewer people would die from either of these. Why take the greater risks just to get rid of such little inconvenience?”

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