Horoscopes 3/9/22

Aries: Take charge of your situation. You can change the course of something by keeping yourself under control.

Taurus: Don’t worry, your diligence will pay off. You will accomplish something soon.

Gemini: Your achievements should be celebrated, no matter how small. Share them with the people you love.

Cancer: Do not let negative feelings get the best of you. Acting impulsively is not a good idea right now.

Leo: Let your inspiration guide you. Use your motivation to create while you have it.

Virgo: It seems like now is a good time for a break. If you have no motivation, you can’t force things to happen.

Libra: You are finally finding fulfillment. Use your happiness as motivation to continue on your path.

Scorpio: Happy times are on the way. Don’t get lost in your daydreams.

Sagittarius: It feels good to let go of something heavy. You can move on now.

Capricorn: Things will not always go how you want them. Find ways to make the best of any situation.

Aquarius: You may be idealizing something too much. It’s great to be hopeful, but things are not always perfect.

Pisces: Tough situations aren’t forever. Let go of negative associations and focus on something good.

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