The Yard Food Review: Saigon

Many may be delightfully surprised with what is being served at The Yard, especially if you order from Saigon Craft Foods. 

I went there with a friend during our usual once-a-week luncheon. We both decided on going to The Yard to try it out and see what they have to offer. As soon as you enter, it feels spacious with its high ceilings and large windows even though it looks small on the outside. Currently, there are still only two restaurants open at this time: Saigon and Larry’s Pizza. We went with Saigon this time since we weren’t feeling like pizza. 

As we reached the counter to order, we were given individual menus to look at and choose from. I decided to go with the Grilled Porkchop rice comb “Com Suong Nuong” which was $13.95. The meal came with a grilled pork chop, cooked rice with a fried egg on top, a sweet chili dipping sauce and a small bowl of clear beef broth that had cilantro in it. I also got an order of Grilled pork rolls “Goi Cuon Thit Nuong” and a regular-sized drink. The total of the meal came out to be $22.32. 

After ordering, we walked up to the loft area that was empty at the time. As we sat down, we noticed that silverware was already there. I began to look at the other items on the table but I took an interest in the sauces provided like hot sriracha and sweet hoisin. I know from previous meals that the sriracha is mainly for pho soups.

The wait for our food wasn’t long and we got it in a reasonable time. When they brought up my meal, I was honestly excited about trying it out. The pork chop itself had a nice golden crust to it and I believe it had fried onions on top. I remember cutting into the meat and thought how easy it was. As I took that first bite, the meat was so tender and succulent. I have to believe that it was marinated before cooking at all. However, it did not end there as the next thing I took a bite of was the buttery fried egg on top of the perfectly cooked rice. As a whole, it paired perfectly with the simple soup and dipping sauce. Everything balances each other out with the notes of sweet, salty, savory and finally, bitterness.

As for what I had along with the main dish, the grilled pork rolls were a good way to restart and refresh a person’s palate. They were clean and simple to eat. The rolls were filled with sliced cucumber, carrot, lettuce, vermicelli rice noodles and marinated pork meat. Along with the creamy peanut sauce, each bite was truly savory. 

Overall, I feel the meal was a great success especially since I was full as a tick. I was barely able to walk down the stars. Even my friend got a kick out of it. She described me as her grandma walking down a fleet of stairs. This meal is perfect for those who may have not had breakfast yet or the individual who worked up a big appetite. I honestly can’t wait to try something else at Saigon because I know it will be a treat. 

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