Dallas Martinez named as new director of the Fowler Center

Increasing community involvement is just one of Dallas Martinez’s goals for the Fowler Center since he was appointed as director. 

Other goals include bringing in new theatre performances, national performances and even competitive performances akin to “America’s Got Talent.” 

“It’s really about gaining an audience and bringing in energetic and new performances, as well as tried and true performances,” Martinez said. “Just bringing in more diversity that’s also super fun and exciting to play with.”

Martinez joined the Arkansas State University faculty in August. He worked at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell for 15 years. In addition, he founded and served as artistic director for Neverland Theatre Company. 

Dr. Carl Cates, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Communications, appointed Martinez to the position.  

“We are fortunate to have hired a faculty member with a background that is a perfect fit for directing the Fowler Center and managing the Presenter Series,” Cates said in a press release. 

Martinez asked Cates to be appointed to the position.

“He saw that I had the talent and the background to carry forward for the Fowler Center. I hope I can just keep doing a good job,” Martinez said. 

Martinez said his previous experience in the eastern New Mexico school system prepared him for the role of director. 

“I know what the budgets are like, I know how to read writers and I know how to talk to talent,” Martinez said. “I know how to do scheduling and how to work within the schedule and the budget for particular spaces.”

Martinez went on to say the only learning curve he has is learning the logistical processes for A-State, as well as meeting new people on campus and in the community. 

Martinez views the Fowler Center as the “crown jewel of Arkansas State.” He invited the A-State and local community to support the Fowler Center and its performances. 

“(The Fowler Center) is a community-driven project and it’d be really great to have more people to understand the things that we offer here,” Martinez said. “I would really like more involvement from the community and from the campus to see the Fowler Center the way it is– a beacon– a shining example of how much talent we actually have not just in Jonesboro, but also what we can bring to Jonesboro.”

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