North Park Quads students get in the Christmas spirit

Despite the small living space of North Park Quads, one group of students isn’t letting that keep them from feeling the Christmas spirit. 

“So we didn’t have room for a big Christmas tree or anything, but we wanted to still have some decorations since Christmas time was coming up. So we just got a little Christmas tree to put on our desk and then we just got many things since (the space) is so small,” said Andie Kruse, a first-year agriculture business major from Dexter, Missouri.

Along with the small tree, the group also decorated with a Christmas pillow, hanging signs and various knick knacks. To save money, they purchased most of their decor from the $5 section at Target.

Kruse said the decor makes their living room more cozy. She added that she and her roommates enjoy making hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies in the space to take a break from studying for finals. 

“College can be stressful at times and our living room is where we sit and do homework together, so the Christmas decor makes everything a little less stressful and reminds us that Christmas break is just around the corner,” said Cloyee Chambliss, a first-year business administration major from Bald Knob.

Kruse said even though she will be living in the Alpha Omicron Pi house next year, she plans to return to help decorate.

“Three of us plan to live together next year, so this will definitely become a tradition for us,” Chambliss said. 

Chambliss and Kruse added that decorating helped combat homesickness. 

“I definitely would recommend it to freshmen, especially just because it’s different, not being at home. I know my family was at home decorating and it kind of got me down, but I think it helps that I got to decorate here too,” Kruse said.

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