Red Wolves for St. Jude announces $77,115.50 raised in 2022-23 fundraising season

At the end of the Red Wolves for St. Jude formal, Red Wolves for St. Jude executives announced the total amount of money raised in the 2022-23 fundraising effort: $76,865.50, well surpassing their goal of $60,000. Before the formal ended, that number increased to $77,115.50.

From 6:30 to 9 p.m. on March 9, Red Wolves for St. Jude hosted their second annual Scarlet Formal at the Woodard McAlister Family Club to celebrate the end of the fundraising year with dinner, dancing and giveaways.  

Around 175 people were in attendance, clad in formal dresses, heels and suits singing along to everything from popular Disney music soundtracks to Taylor Swift.  

To get an invitation to the Scarlet Formal, students had to raise at least $100 and to bring a date raise $250. 

Red Wolves for St. Jude is an on-campus organization dedicated to raising money for St. Jude.  St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a nonprofit pediatric research and treatment facility based in Memphis.  

The Scarlet Formal recognized major student contributions.  

Cindy Campos, a junior strategic communications major from Batesville received ‘The Most Spirited Individual Award.’  

“You just have to go and do it. You just have to ask,” Campos said. “The worst thing someone can do is say no and it’s better than a ‘what if?’ Going out to raise money is nothing compared to what the families of these cancer patients are having to go through.”  

Isabelle Rollins, a senior marketing major from Jonesboro, raised the most money for St. Jude this fundraising season. She raised $6,550, most of it coming from her great uncle. 

“He was a huge activist for children welfare and since not having kids of his own he donated a lot to children’s organizations. I joined Red Wolves for St. Jude and unfortunately, he passed away pretty soon after I joined. To honor his wish, we donated some to the organization,” Rollins said.  

The executive director Riley Swafford, a senior biology major from Beebe, Arkansas, said it takes a whole community to fundraise as much as they did. 

“I’m so proud of everyone who’s gotten involved and I hope that they realize the impact they’re making,” Swafford said. “All this money, every single cent that we get goes to St. Jude and this is going to impact the kids at St. Jude a lot longer than I’ll be a student here.” 

Students could get the chance to fundraise at events hosted by Red Wolves for St. Jude.  

The Masked Singer was one of the biggest fundraising events hosted this year. It was like the TV show “The Masked Singer” but with Arkansas State University celebrities like Marybeth Byrd, contestant on the TV show “American Idol.” 

Another big event Red Wolves for St. Jude hosted was a Cancer Cell event on the first floor of the Student Union. Students participating in fundraising were locked in a cancer “cell” and could be bailed out once they raised $100.  

For any students looking to get involved, applications for the executive board are out now.  

“If that’s not a commitment they want to step into, they can also apply to be an ambassador. If they’d rather ease into it more, they can just fundraise starting next year,” said Abbi McBroome, an exercise science senior from Hebrew Springs.

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