Pink is the best color


Anna Cox is a first-year English and global studies major from Paragould.

On the seventh day of creation, God rested; however, on the eighth day he got up to make the best color ever, pink. 

Pink is a color associated with serenity and peace. Although it is associated with romance, red seems to trump it in that department. Pink can also symbolize innocence, although I think white is a better color for that. 

I should clarify what type of pink I am talking about here. I love them all, yes, but my all time favorite is going to be an almost cotton candy pink.This type of pink is so easy to digest. You can look at it and not feel overwhelmed like one might feel with red or yellow. It is softest to the eyes. 

Another shade that is semi-famous and almost the exact shade I love is Baker-Miller pink. It is the perfect shade of pink, not harsh like fuchsia but not too light to come off as almost white. 

An article by Alexander Schauss, Ph.D, implies that the Baker-Miller pink truly does have effects on people. In his paper “The Physiological Effect of Color on the Suppression of Human Aggression: Research on Baker-Miller Pink” Schauss said, “All have reported mixed to dramatic reductions in the rates of recorded aggressive behavior.” 

A favorite color is personal, and I feel as if the best way to defend it is to tell someone a personal story on why you are so devoted to it. For me, it is because it calms the soul so much better than any other color. It is literally known for love and kindness.

Now onto my story about pink, I grew up hating it. I was the pick me girl saying how much I hated pink and how ugly it was blah, blah, blah. 

My colors of choice while growing up were mainly yellow or purple, but they never felt right when I tried to love them. It was like putting on clothes that your mom picked out for you for a family picture. You sort of hate it, but it’s just easier to not say or do anything about it. 

At the end of my high school career I decided to stop being lame and accept the fact that I liked pink. My life literally changed. 

It truly was nice when I started to like pink. It made me happier to be surrounded by a color that is so calming. It’s not overwhelming, but instead very inviting.

I think finding such a color like pink and starting to buy and use it more in my daily life contributed to the fact that I started to feel more mellow when winding down for bed. 

Speaking of winding down for bed, I also have a sunset lamp that I have only out on the color pink and it rarely, if ever, gets changed. That is how devoted I am to the pink lifestyle. It’s so incredibly soothing that using it for a lamp works wonders. 

I understand that favorite colors are somewhat personal, but I do believe that everyone should give pink a chance. 

In conclusion, pink is slay, all other colors are lame.

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