100 Gecs returns home with an energetic hyperpop set

Photo Courtesy of NME

100 Gecs returned to their home town in St. Louis at The Pageant for their North American tour with opening act Machine Girl on Saturday. 100 Gecs had their sold out audience’s complete attention with their wonderfully abrasive style of music. 

The tornado warning in St. Louis before the show couldn’t deter their fans from waiting in line outside and in the neighboring bar for a chance to get close to the duo. Producers and vocalists Dylan Brady and Laura Les make up 100 Gecs and have grown a cult-like following. 

Before the main act Machine Girl took the stage with noisy digital hardcore tunes that the crowd was jamming to from start to finish. It can be hard for opening acts to hold attention but Machine Girl did it perfectly.

Machine Girl’s Matt Stephenson was all over the venue walking around the pit, standing on railing and being carried around by fans. Stephenson was anywhere their microphone cord would stretch to. After the 30-minute set, it was time for Gecs. The two acts share similar fan bases with those in attendance showing up for both. They could not have accompanied each other better. 

Before on stage, The Pageant was filled with the chants of “Gec Gec Gec Gec Gec.” The pair entered on stage in their iconic wizard robes including Brady in his comically large yellow, almost cone-like, hat. 

100 Gecs kicked off their set with the opening track to their newest album “Dumbest Girl Alive,” immediately met with a roaring crowd. The rather rowdy group of fans sang along to song after song no matter how new or old.

100 Gecs’ charm is on full display during their live shows. Gecs mixes genres like pop-punk, ska, glitch, rap-rock, nu-metal and other influences into their energetic music. They provide unique visuals and sounds for every show. This show is much bigger and better than the last time I saw them. 

At times one out of the pair would attach a GoPro to their mic to provide wacky close up visuals of their face paired with flashing colors and laughable graphics.

The energy grew and grew as the setlist progressed with songs like “stupid horse” and “money machine.” In between songs, Les tells jokes to the crowd and provides playful banter. With catchy hooks and absurd songs like “I got my tooth removed” and “Doritos & Fritos” met with such energy, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself. 

To my excitement they played one of my favorites “gec 2 Ü” to wrap up the show. Overall 100 Gecs is a unique must see musical experience. Bonus points if you are able to catch them again with Machine Girl. 

Overall rating: 9/10 

Favorite songs played: “Dumbest Girl Alive,” “mememe” and “hey big man”

Wish they would have played: “Sympathy for the Grinch” 

Travel Note: The Pageant is a 3 hour and 55 minute drive from the Arkansas State University campus.

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