Annual OASIS Arts and Eats Festival delights downtown Jonesboro

The OASIS Arts and Eats Festival is an annual event in downtown Jonesboro.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the annual OASIS Arts and Eats Festival in downtown Jonesboro. A massive showcase of local food and art vendors, this festival was an absolute delight.

My trip to the festival was completely unplanned. What was initially supposed to be a lunch get-together with friends after an exhausting week turned into a three-hour walk down Main Street, admiring all the unique art, merchandise and food Jonesboro had to offer.

The Arts and Eats Festival truly had anything anyone could want. Like a massive Etsy shop, I found myself stopping at every booth to admire beautifully hand-crafted mugs, adorable earrings or some of the most creative artwork I’d ever seen.

One booth, owned by Jeannie Walsh, sold nothing but portraits of famous musical artists, but they were made entirely of guitar picks. Mrs. B’s Grilled Cheese, a food truck, had gourmet grilled cheeses. One of my favorite booths had unique wooden die-cut ornaments, earrings and wall art. 

With a high temperature of 65 degrees and a light breeze, it was a great day to be outside and enjoy downtown Jonesboro. The sun was also out, providing some much needed sunshine. Being a creative media production major who rarely sees the sun, it was a nice treat.

My friends and I arrived when the festival was in full swing, so the atmosphere was lovely. People brought their dogs out and it was wonderful to hear people talking, laughing and admiring the art and food.

There was also live music and shows, as numerous street musicians and performers delighted crowds. They did not disappoint and added a great ambiance to the entire festival.

Additionally, it wasn’t too hard to find a bargain. While I did have to walk away from some items due to price, if I went down the street another 200 feet, I would find another adorable item for a far better price. 

I bought some super cute yellow gummy bear earrings from Elegantly Unique for $6. I also picked up a pink planter with hand-painted strawberries from another vendor for $4. So for only $10, I got to support local artists and get my own unique merch.

The festival was hosted on April 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If I were to do this again, I would try to get there as soon as it opens, as opposed to later in the day. I would also make sure to budget a bit more appropriately, so I could come home with more merch!

Overall, this was a great time and good distraction from the stress of finals and work. Getting outside, spending the day with friends and enjoying the community does wonders for the soul, so you can bet I will be going back next year.

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