An Evening with President Clinton

President Bill Clinton came to the Arkansas State University campus tonight and gave a speech at Riceland Hall, 42 years after his first speech at the university for the commencement of the campus library.

“This is a magnificent place,” Clinton spoke of Riceland Hall, a new addition to the university since his first time visiting in 1995.

Introduced by Chancellor Kelly Damphousse, President Clinton received a standing ovation both at the beginning and end of his hour-long speech.

In the past, the president has visited A-State many times to bid tribute to his home state. Now, Mr. Clinton travels across the nation to visit a variety of universities, helping and supporting students from all walks of life.

In his speech, in addition to personal stories from his childhood, Clinton told a story about a small-town group of kids from a Kentucky university, who aspired to make lighter, more affordable satellites. The president used taxpayer money to give these students a chance at success, so they can, literally, shoot for the stars.

“You only become old,” Clinton said, “when the weights of yesterday are greater than the hopes of tomorrow.”

President Clinton focused on telling stories that might spark inspiration in listeners, as he emphasized that moving forward, hope and unity were key to a happy life and successful democracy.


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