Pop Pick 3/30: Kyōgen

Lily Cabibi-Wilkin, Opinion Editor

Japanese singer Ado released her first album, “Kyōgen,” in January. The album has 14 tracks, all in varying styles and genres.

Ado discovered her love of music in 2014, when she listened to music on the video-sharing website NicoNico on her 3DS. She first began singing as an “utaite (internet cover singer)” at the age of 15, recording covers in her closet. She made her solo artist debut in 2020 with “Usseewa,” a song which exploded in popularity among the utaite, vtuber and vocal synth communities. Several of her singles, which have been rereleased on this album, such as “Usseewa,” “Gira Gira” and “Odo,” were written by Vocaloid producers (respectively syudou, teniwoha and a combination of Giga, DECO*27 and TeddyLoid). In addition, some of the songs on the album are connected to pieces of media, such as “Aitakute” being featured in the movie “Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Final” and “Kokoro To Iu Na No Fukanai” being the theme song for the drama “Doctor White.” 

“Kyōgen” has something for everyone, from soft ballads to fast-paced dance music to hard rock. Ado’s control of her voice is nothing short of amazing, and she hits a variety of tones with ease. For example, “Gira Gira” showcases both her gentle falsettos and her powerful growls. 

Despite their different deliveries, many of the songs on the album have similar themes: Dissatisfaction with life, reluctance to grow up, the mundanity of life and heartbreak, while fighting all of that and boldly facing your problems.

The album has 14 different tracks on it, and 11 so far have music videos with English subtitles available on Ado’s YouTube account. The most recent was “Domestic De Violence” which was posted on March 26. Her music can be found on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and other music streaming services.

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