Orange is the best color


Noah Robinson is a senior creative media production major from Brookland.

I love orange. There I said it. It is an opinion that I feel is severely lacking, especially when compared to the monoliths that are the public opinions of red, blue and green, but I will take a beautiful bronze (#B2560D), captivating carrot (#ED7117) or opulent orange peel (#FF9F00) any day of the week. 

First, a little brief on the symbolism and significance of orange.

Originally called “geoluhread” meaning yellow-red in Old English, orange is a secondary color of transition with strong ties to the autumn months. It sets to mind images of beautiful falling leaves, giant pumpkin patches, home-cooked sugar glazed carrots and, arguably the best holidays of the year (barring Christmas of course), Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

It’s a nice middle ground between the intensity of red and the joy of the yellow. In Hinduism, orange is used to represent fire, with themes of transformation and purity, as well as, in my own mind, adventure. Orange is also often associated with foxes, and, as such, cleverness, independence and luck.

Orange was not always my favorite color though. For a long time I didn’t really consider myself to have a favorite. It was something that other people had. It was a question that we as children were expected to have an answer to. So, trying not to stick out, little kid Noah would make things up. “Yeah, definitely blue cause the ocean” or “Red for sure. Y’know, like a dragon.”

It wasn’t till high school that I fell in love with orange for its tenacious spirit and subtle beauty. It is a color that takes the best part of its two halves: the optimism, enthusiasm and comfort of yellow, and the courage, determination and passion of red. It was everything that I wished to embody.

Orange gets a bit of a bad rap. I’ve heard people refer to it as “dirty” or express that they just think of it as a construction equipment color, but it’s so much more. It’s the warmth of a fall bonfire, the cheer of your friends and the blanket your grandmother gave you when you were young. Orange is the color of memories and the warmth they give you. 

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